Caring Behaviors and Models of Nursing Practice

Module 2

Patients want timeliness of service, courtesy and empathy of their staff and providers, respect, kindness, a smiles and a squeeze of the hand.

“Until patients in hospitals routinely receive intentional care, delivered with continuity over time, persona and place, coordinated and managed by known caregivers to the patient and family, as responsible individuals, health care will continue to fall short of its promise, obligation and contract with society that requires this type of relationship-based care, treatment and service.”
-Edited from a quote by Marie Manthey by Sharon K. Dingman, 2004

The Caring Model® is not a quick fix for patient/family or employee satisfaction, a solution to all problems, a self-sustaining initiative, a “flavor of the month” program, or a “stand alone” process.

The Caring Model® is a way to create an emotional connection!

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