Outcome of Caring, Consumerism, and Satisfaction

Module 4

Patient satisfaction has become an established indicator of quality care, as well as a central theme in highly competitive healthcare environments. Those providers who can establish market differentiation based on service quality will continue to grow, survive and THRIVE in the 21st century.
-Davis & Adams-Greenly, 1994, Mahon, 1996

It is more important to know the patient and their disease, than to know the disease and not the patient.

The Caring Model® requires an infrastructure that includes the incorporation model behaviors into organizational goals and strategies. It honors the humans connection at every point of the continuum of care.

Kindness connects:

•Intentional presence, behaviors, ownership
•Seen and felt, caring, appreciation
•Respect for human dignity
•Genuine service to another
•The balance of our life and joy
•A partnership with our Creator
•A matter of integrity
•Praise that is heartfelt, reality based, given and received

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