Caring Environment and Workforce Engagement

Module 3

How do we call forth the leader within each of us thus creating an environment in which people take conscious ownership for their work while contributing to the mission of the organization as a whole?

Care delivery begins within an environment that supports collaboration and commitment between all caregivers. It is demonstrated in our behaviors and relationships that promote communication and commitment.

Patients and families define caring differently than caregivers.

Patients and their families typically describe caring as: accessible and able to teach, monitoring their condition closely, following through with promises, being sensitive to patient autonomy, recognizing individual qualities and needs.

Caregivers typically describe caring as: listening, offering comfort, putting the patient first, talking to the patient and their family, responding quickly to requests, call lights and emergencies.

Patients and families are more apt to forgive an unfortunate outcome than to forgive lack of concern and lack of communication.

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